Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper was a pretty ruthless
 unidentified serial killer in London in 1888.

Yesterday  I needed Jack and I needed him to be ruthless.

I'd been working on this store sample.
I thought it was going great.

Do you see what I saw as I got ready to baste it?

8 blocks out of order.
I had flipped that section.


I  desperately needed Jack the Ripper.

He needed to be merciless and even cruel.

It was like doing surgery to remove the infected area.

Finally I got it back in place in the right direction and
started to machine quilt.

But wait!
What's this?#?

I couldn't believe it, another block twisted.

By now it was too late for Jack to do anything.
Instead I needed his sister, Agatha the Appliquer.

So I appliqued a new block over the wrong one.

I think everything is ok now.

 I hate to look too closely.

Yesterday must have been a non sewing day.
But Jack was able to come to my rescue.
In defense, 
I probably was thinking about the humungous piece of 
space debris that could be fall right towards me and 
was slightly distracted.
Until Next Time-


  1. It looks like Jack the Ripper and appliqué can fix anything! Cute pattern!

  2. Oh No!!! Sounds like you solved the problem, I never would have thought of the applique!! You probably needed a voice to come out of your sewing machine..."STEP AWAY FROM THE SEWING MACHINE". Great save!

  3. You got-errr' done.....good for you and Jack!!!

    Cute post and beautiful quilt!

    Carolyn :)

  4. I'm back working on it today and, I hope, Jack will not be needed anymore.

  5. Well, it's a gorgeous quilt but kudos to you for being such a happy person last night!

  6. I would have said something other than "drat". Rinda

  7. It was worth the effort; it's so nice! Easy for me to say, right?! You were the ripper!

  8. I have had days like that. I think everything is going good and think I am almost finished and look at the quilt on the design board.
    OMG WHAT DID I DO??? Those are days I should have not sewn...It is still beautiful.