Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grand Island, Nebraska

The top ten comments about
my weekend trip to Grand Island, Nebraska.

10. If you are coming from Colorado you loose an hour. 
It can be important.

9. I-80 is a trucker's pipeline.
Do not go over the speed limit to even pass a truck.
Don't ask me how I know.

8. Grand Island is not an island located in the
middle of the prairie.

7. You are in the middle of Big Red Territory.
Do not wear any other college logo.

6. Grand Island is the quintessential example of 
small town America- a porch on every house,
people on every porch, American made
pickups in the driveways,
and kids playing and riding bikes in the neighborhoods.
It was a pleasure to sit and enjoy.

5. If you go to a rehearsal dinner at the Lutheran Church
plan on something pink and fluffy for dessert.

4. The chain restaurants have completely invaded the dining options.
I ended up at Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Restaurant.
I thought that was an unusual combination.
Sadly, I think it's a chain.

3. I did find some good prices on antique furniture at the antique malls.
They are part of the "Nebraska junk jaunt".

2.  If you stay at a Sleep Inn, remember
there are no secrets between rooms.

1. The number one reason I went to 
Grand Island was because Jessica was the wedding
photographer for a friend.

  She needed a travelling
companion who knew which direction was east and
which way would you turn to go home.
In other words, I was the GPS.

  Until Next Time-


  1. Your fluffy pink dessert made me laugh out loud, that is the midwest for you!!

  2. Just wondering how much your speeding ticket was :)

  3. Well, actually I was just the passenger. My driver wouldn't show me! It was for 6 mph over the speed limit of 75 and the officer said she was speeding while passing a truck that was barreling along.

  4. Love it. I so identify with the Midwest. The pink dessert looks great!!
    And one of my dreams is to have a screened in front porch.

  5. Kyle - being born and raised in Nebraska, a die-hard Big Red fan, a born and raised Lutheran, I can truly relate to all of the above. And if you were at a Lutheran church they must have had lots of jello salads. Even ones with a dollop of mayo on top. Good memories/bad memories :).