Monday, September 27, 2010

Squirreling Away

There have been several busy squirrels
in our yard this past week.
Each one is hectically burying some
horse chestnuts from a tree down the street.
My flower barrels seem to be a favorite 
spot.  I guess the dirt is soft.
I'll leave the nuts there when I pull up the 
flowers, but will
they remember they're there?

I went to the farmer's market again.
There were good deals today.
I have felt like a squirrel, busy storing food 
away for the winter, squash, pumpkin, chili rellenos,
Ed  made carrot juice, and cabbage rolls.

The squirrel family and I might have a similar problem.
Once I put it in the freezer, sometimes I forget
that it's there. 
Hopefully, we'll both remember and
enjoy the fruits of our labor when the cold weather approaches.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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