Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today: 

Looking Out My Window: Yes, it is beginning to look like fall.  
On my front porch

My Weekend Plans Include: I'm going to visit the nursery and get some more tulips and daffodils bulbs to plant.  I always seem to miss doing that in the fall.  It will make the spring more colorful.

I’m Reading: Spoken from the Heart by Laura Bush.  This is a great book.  She seems so down to earth.

Movie Marquee:  I finally got season 2 of Mad Men from the library.

Something Quiltie: I've been working on a charity quilt.  I still had Christmas fabric leftover from making those pillowcases.  This easy pattern, A Streak of Sunshine, is from Bonnie Hunter's website, Check it out. Do something good for your stash and your heart.

One of My Favorite Things: Fall has such a distinctive smell.   It's spicy with the warm homey smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, baked apples, warm pumpkin bread, and spiced hot tea. Funny how I thought of everything connected with food!

I’m Thinking About: It funny how one whiff of something can transfer you back to special memories. I loved the smell of burning leaves. ( a nonfood smell!)  I can picture my dad burning piles of leaves in the front of my childhood house and Jane and me running through or riding our bikes through the smoke.  It's what we use to do in the fall.   I'm sure we didn't smell too good afterward, but it was wonderful fun.

What’s For Dinner: Ed's having tamales and I'm trying to get my body into shape for Florida, just a protein shake, not that that's going to help at this point. LOL

A Favorite Photo:  

 Elizabeth and Ed, Fall, 
The tastes of fall

Until Next Time-Kyle