Thursday, September 23, 2010


The other day at work a woman came in the store and said
her small group was going to get together to make pillowcases
for one of the agencies in town that work with children.
It was to be  part of the One Million Pillowcases that APQ is heading up.
I asked if I could contribute a couple of pillowcases as well. 
"Sure, the more the better,"

I came home and started planning and rummaging through 
my stash.

I found a box with some Christmas fabrics that 
I probably wouldn't be using in a quilt
but perfect for little kids pillowcases.

It's interesting that when you need a piece a certain size
how with all of the fabric you have, nothing is 
the right measurement.

Or the other thing is that somewhere over time I have cut out a small
bit from the corner and now it won't work either.

But somehow I managed to sew together a few 
fun and festive pillowcases that
some kids might enjoy.

I'm on a roll now.
I plan to keep going and see just how many I can
get out of that pile of fabric.
It might take some creative planning,
will be fun to do and my stash will be
diminished by one yard per case!
Until Next Time-Kyle

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