Friday, September 3, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today:

Looking Out My Window: It is going to be a perfectly lovely Colorado weekend.

My Weekend Plans Include: Friends, Food, and Fun
I’m Reading: Time to start a couple of new audio books, something lighthearted, Fairies and the Quest for Never Land, and The Coffee Trader by David Liss, a historical suspense thriller.
Movie Marquee: Ed has never seen The Full Monty and in contrast Harvey, with James Stewart, 1950.

Something Quiltie: I love the feel of the Kyoto bamboo batting made by Moda. It is soft, breathable, won't bunch or clump, made with 50% bamboo and 50% organic cotton, little shrinkage, and quilting can be up to 8" apart.  I have used the batt a couple times.  The quilts did feel just a bit heavier.
I’m Thinking About: My mom.  She passed away 25 years ago.  It's hard to believe, but I think of her almost everyday.

One of My Favorite Things: Is turning on the computer in the morning and seeing who has posted something new on their blog.

What I’m Planning: To try and stay on top of things next week.  This week just got away from me.

What’s For Dinner:  Ahi tuna, grilled, of course.
A Favorite Photo:  

"A Change is Coming"


  1. I don't want the change to come! Have a good weekend.

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