Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today: 

Looking Out My Window: I have been waiting for my pumpkin to transform into the fantasy pumpkin I thought I planted.  
 I think I planted a different variety, a Jarrahdale pumpkin.
I'm not sure how I messed up.  I was told I would never get a job in the seed lab at CSU. 
My Weekend Plans Include: This weekend is Quilt-a-Fair, put on by the Colorado Quilt Council.  Our store, of course, has a booth, but I don't have to work, so I plan to attend and probably spend a little $.  All the shops bring fun stuff so it's fun to browse and plan new things.

I’m Reading: Spoken from the Heart by Laura Bush.

Movie Marquee: "The Shop Around the Corner" with Margaret Sullivan and Jimmy Stewart, 1940.  The remake, of course, is "You've Got Mail".  The second one is "Leap Year".  I also have season 2 of "Mad Men" waiting for me at library.  Might be a busy movie weekend.

Something Quiltie: I just ordered a second pair of 4" Needlecraft Omnigrid scissors.   These scissors have the sharpest point of any scissor I have ever used.  They are great for clipping inner points and inner curves.  I've been afraid I would loose my only pair so now I have two.  I love these scissors.

I’m Thinking About: I recently had an issue with my credit card and had to cancel it.  There had been some unauthorized charges.  I really appreciate the bank giving me a call, while I was in Minnesota, of course, and getting on the situation quickly.  Don't you wish everyone was honest and played nice.

One of My Favorite Things: I love baggallini's.  I'm hoping the vendor at Quilt-a-Fair comes well stocked.  They're fun, light weigh, great colors, and very functional. I have a few!

What’s For Dinner: Fish tacos.

A Favorite Photo: 
Me and my dear friends this past weekend.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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