Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Quilt Orphan

I was on my way somewhere when I drove past an estate sale.  
I have friends that are always finding fabulous treasurers at these kinds of sales, 
so I stopped
to see what treasures might be there for me.

Lots of people.
Not tons of stuff.
It looked like most of the "good" stuff
probably was already gone.

But then I saw this poor little quilt sitting near the fireplace.
I brought it home for a few dollars.
As you can see, it's not in the best shape, lots of holes
where the fabric has just worn out.

It's the Jacob's ladder pattern.
It was probably made in the 30's.  
I have another quilt with the same worn pinks.

I love 2 color quilts.

My thoughts are:

1. leave the quilt alone and just 
enjoy the present condition, the softness of the
fabrics and the hand quilting.

2. Try to repair the worn areas, by removing the
last row of blocks and using the fabric pieces to replace
the other missing pieces.

I guess it might depend on how much time I want to spend on
this project.

I know when I get that old, I might need just a few repairs
to make me feel better.

Any Thoughts?
Until Next Time-Kyle

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