Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today:

Looking Out My Window: A blossom on the pumpkin plant finally bloomed.
It's not leaving much time to grow into a magnificent pumpkin.

 Great Color

 My Weekend Plans Include: The store is having their 5th Saturday Bag Day Sale so I'll be there all day Saturday.  Sunday we'll be celebrating a friend's birthday so it's a "Non Cooking Day"!

I’m Reading: True Blue by David Baldacci.
Movie Marquee: Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation,  with Jimmy Stewart and Maureen O'Hare, and Fabian,1962.  Also The Dinner Game.

Something Quiltie: One thing I do after finishing a project is that I reorganize my workspace.  It makes it so much easier to start something new.
I’m Thinking About: how blessed I am in every aspect of my life.

One of My Favorite Things: My three favorite places to shop for clothes, Chico's, Coldwater Creek, and Eddie Bowers.

What I’m Planning: Kate and I have to coordinate our calendars this weekend. It's time for me  plan a visit to the "Sunshine State". 

What’s For Dinner: Flank Steak and Veggie Kabobs. 

A Favorite Photo:  

Until Next Time-Kyle

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