Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Practice

I've been in...

in case, you don't remember your chemistry.

Ed wanted to go and do some 
practice running 
for the Leadville 100.

He hit the trail and ran over
Hope Pass towards
Twin Lakes (10.5 mi)
This is up, down and through streams.

Then he got his reward...
It's amazing how a reward can motivate.

Next segment
This part was suppose to be 13.5 miles.
I was waiting for him on a county road and had an
estimated time on when to expect him.
Thank goodness for cell phones.
He had lost the trail and I was not suppose to panic.
Eventually, he showed up coming from a different direction
He went farther than he had expected and used up time.

Was he done yet?

Not quite.
 Ed's like the energizer rabbit, he keeps going and going.

One more pass
This segment is 10 miles of up hill (or mountain)
Please note the PB &J and bag of potato chips!

I moved on to meet him at a campsite called May Queen at Turquoise Lake.
What did I do while I waited and waited?
I worked on my Ocean Wave top.

Finally, 3 hours later.
I was so glad to see him coming down the trail.
It started to rain so he actually decided to stop.

It was quite a practice.

Tired Feet

The next time is the real thing.
I think this a good sign of things to come.

Until Next Time- Kyle

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