Friday, July 23, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today:

Looking Out My Window: It's a calm and beautiful morning in Colorado.  I'm hoping the weather is not a major factor for Kate.  Tropical Storm Bonnie might be her first Florida storm experience. Tropical Storm Bonnie
My Weekend Plans Include:  Working a few items off my endless list of things to do.  I think I'll come up with some kind of a reward for my effort.

I’m Reading: Three Cups of Tea , One Man's Journey to Change the World, One Child at a Time by Sarah Thomson
Movie Marquee: The Assassination of Jesse James and Zorba the Greek, 1964

Something Quiltie: Make a hot dog pillowcase.  A what?  Here's a link to our local guild's instructions. Hot Dog Pillowcase pattern, LNCQ  They're fun, easy and quick. I made one last Friday using Alexander Henry's Halloween  fabric, The Gastlies. 
 I displayed it Friday at the store and by Saturday morning the bolt was emptied.  
I’m Thinking About: I'm tired of hot flashes and I want them to go away...soon.

One of My Favorite Things: Grilling and eating outdoors. Everything tastes better that way.

What I’m Planning: I'd like to machine quilt another baby quilt this weekend, but I need to plan out the quilting patterns.  The Golden Threads paper is a wonderful no marking method for creating tearaway stencils.  Sometimes the planning takes longer than the doing.

What’s For Dinner: Turkey Italian Sausages and fresh corn on the cob... on the grill, of course.

A Favorite Photo: 
Naples, Italy
The best Pizza alla Margherita
Notice we are not sharing with each other
Until Next Time-Kyle

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  1. I didn't get any of the very cute fabric...sniff sniff...
    I like your new background.