Monday, July 5, 2010

You Have to Have Pie

What would the 4th of July 
be without fireworks?

What would the 4th of July
be without pie?

So keeping in the spirit of the holiday
we made our 3 all American classic pies,
apple, blueberry and cherry.

We played with a small star cutter which was very fun.

I did break a bit with tradition and made
3 different types of pie crust.
The cherry was made with my pie crust recipe with shortening and then
milk,egg yolks and lemon juice for the liquid. 
It's the easiest to work with and has a wonderful flavor.

The apple with the Pate Birsee, an all  butter pie crust,
and the blueberry's crust was made 
with half butter and half lard as the fat.
It was the flakiest with a wonderful flavor.

All three were delicious.
We even had time to make tiny pies
for our youngest friends.
Which pie was finished first?
The Cherry.
Until Next Time-Kyle

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