Sunday, August 1, 2010


The typical afternoon thunderstorms are beginning to roll in.
Probably more thunder and clouds than rain.
I took the time to photograph a couple of quilts from my collection to 
celebrate August.

One of the nice things about working in a quilt shop 
is that occassionally someone comes in wanting to know
 what to do with a quilt or quilt top that has been in their
family and now no one wants it.
I was lucky this week and happened
to be working on the day this beauty needed
a new home...mine.

It's a wonderful example of 1930's fabrics,
hand pieced, 
perfect condition,
and precision points.
It just made my day.
Unfortuately, no one knows who made it, where it was made, 
and exactly when.

I finished this quilt in July
as my Stashbuster's project.
"Strawberries and Chocolate"

I had these pinks and chocolate browns waiting 
on a shelf for a couple of years.
I needed to find just the right pattern.
I love vintage pink and brown quilts, 
but these were not reproduction fabrics.

Carrie Nelson's pattern, "Quiet Time" was perfect.
It's a twist on a more traditional pattern 
and fit the style of fabrics I had.

I used a lots of different fabrics
It was wonderful to finally use that collection.

Don't be the "Unknown Quilter".
Even if your label is simple like this one,
be sure and add the facts to your quilt.
Someone will be glad you did.

The last of the baby quilts are finally done.
As the Great Aunt, I'm waiting for 
one more baby to arrive in the family.
 I have a girl or a boy
quilt all ready.

This pattern is from 
Warm Welcome by Mary Hickey.
The fabric is all from my stash!

It's bright and cheerful 
perfect for a little nephew.
"Batter Up"

The clouds have rolled in but still not a drop of rain.
Some rain would actually be very welcomed.
It's just summer time in the Rockies.
Until Next Time-Kyle


  1. Jackpot on the quilt needing a home, why wouldn't someone want to keep this????