Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ladies of the Lake

One of my favorite quilt patterns is Lady of the Lake.

It's a wonderful example of a positive and a negative pattern 
in the same block.

It's on my to do list.
Once upon a time, it seemed like I had forever
to work on that list.

 Maybe I'd better work faster or become more selective.

Yesterday we were visited by our own the Ladies of the Lake.

First one lady.
She marched right up the hill to see what part of my
lunch I wanted to share.

Not to be left out
the other ladies followed.

Ed got some bread, not from my sandwich,

and the ladies all gathered around.

There was a bit of competition, but we 
tried to be fair.
We ended up with about 15 female mallards
enjoying a snack.

Living on the lake does provide some fun entertainment.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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