Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who Made This?

All of the antique quilts
in my collections are made by
"The Unknown Quilter".

Who was she?
Where and when did she live?
Why did she make this?

Sorry, no answers.

I have always labeled my quilts.
I wanted my family and friends to know
who made it, when, where and for whom.

I can't always remember when I made something,
so how will anyone else.
Labeling my quilts is the last step in the creating process.

Labels can be simple.
I started by embroidering the information
somewhere on the front in a border.

Labels can be more elaborate.

Generally, I make a specific label to be sewn on the back. 

I have 4 labels to make and sew on today.
One for this baby quilt.

My newest grand niece
born August 13th.
Amy and baby Bianca are doing well.
I love her hair!

I'm still working on my
fall stashbuster's quilts but I'm working on the label as well.
The picture is from the book:
I traced the picture, after I had enlarged it, on to the fabric.

Then I used permanent markers and colored it in. 
Add the information in the center.
Pick an easy computer font to trace with the light box.
Set the ink with a hot iron.

Now there is one less quilt made by
"the Unknown Quilter"
Until Next Time-Kyle

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