Saturday, December 12, 2009

What's On Your Tree

Every time I say the word "TRADITION", I hear the music from " Fiddler on the Roof"  I hear Tevye's rich voice saying "TRADITION, TRADITION!"
Christmas is a time rich with tradtitions.  I love to hear what other families do each year to celebrate together.  One of  our traditions has to do with the ornaments that we hang on the tree.  There are no red shiny balls, garland or iclicles, white lights, yes, but that is all that is traditional.

Over that past 27 years we have collected items that represent where we have traveled or what we have done over the year. For example:

The little new england sea captain is one of the first ornaments we collected because of a visit back to Connecticut in 1982.  Thus began a fun tradition that we think about all year long.

Hear are some other things we have on the tree.

A gourd from Santa Fe, a Chinese Santa Ed got in Beijing, Hungarian money

The Chinese Santa is one of our favorites.  Do you see the red star and sickle in Santa's pack? He is a Communist Santa.

 Here's our bottle of Chianti from Italy, and our little Tijuana Santa

 Elizabeth added a bottle of Guinness from Ireland
 A Swiss Cow Bell and Hard Tack from Ft. Laramie in WY

 Frosted Flakes from Playa Del Carmen
A tiny beer stein from Berlin before the wall was gone

Kate and Jessica added the box of Mozart candy from Salisbury, Austria

We have hundreds of memories hung on our tree.  And, of course, we have more to add this year.  I'll share those later.  It's been a fun tradition that Jessica, Kate and Elizabeth are now continuing on their own.  When we were all up in Estes Park this fall, they each had to get an golden aspen leaf to hang on their tree this year.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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  1. i'll have to start mine soon. All i have right now are red and green balls from Michaels!