Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kyle's Pile Revisited

A while back I was sharing about "Kyle's Pile" that I had stumbled over for almost a year.  It was a pile of flannels with a pattern that I had bought over a year ago and had left on the floor of my sewing area so that I had to  walk around it, over it or on top of.  What was the point of that???

Well, I have completed that quilt and the family enjoyed snuggling under it while they were here for the holidays.  It was perfect.  I had the quilt done and it was being used.  It was no longer a pile waiting for some attention.  Tah Dah!

Starry Nights
(a pattern by All Through the Night)
It felt so good to have that completed, the floor now has an open space, and it frees me to work on something else. No more guilt.

With the new year fast approaching, it is always a good time to make plans, organize spaces and thoughts, reflect a bit on the past and for me it is a time to get a new journal.  The other day I wandered through Barnes and Noble and found a fun new one. It really can be anything type or style.  But something that you would enjoy writing in, making lists in, keeping track of thoughts and ideas, events or whatever else is important to you.  I have kept a journal on and off for many years.  Sometimes it's more of my thoughts and events or things I am thankful for.  But one type of journal I have always kept is a quilting journal. It includes lists of potencial projects, old projects that need to be revisited, new ideas and a list each month of what I intend to get done.  The best past is when I can cross something out and add something more.  It allows me to see that I have accomplished a lot!

But opening a new journal is like opening up all kinds of wonderful, new and exciting possibilities.  Just look at all the blank pages just waiting just for you. What should I do first?

Happy New Year and lets fill up those pages!!!
Until Next Time-Kyle

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  1. Beautiful quilt! And I'm kinda lusting after that journal. So very pretty! I prefer my pages unlined though so perhaps I'll be able to resist the temptation to pilfer yours!