Monday, December 21, 2009

The Christmas Count Down

I am counting the days until everyone shows up for Christmas. In 2 days, Kate and Bobby will be flying in from Florida, They will be leaving the rain behind and exchanging it for snow. I can't wait.  Jessica will be picking them up at the airport and bringing them to Fort Collins.

In 3 days, Elizabeth and Don will be showing up. On Thursday morning they will be arriving and bringing Christmas Eve dinner, Greek style.  Can't wait.
What will they be cooking?
Lamb, of course.

Martin will be arriving after he's done at work and I will be home when the Fig Leaf closes.  My sister, Jane, will be here Christmas morning.

Now that I am through baking some cookies and rolls, Ed will take over in the kitchen.  He has sauce and raviolis to make for Christmas dinner. He will have lots of elves to help him, rolling and filling each ravioli.  He's got to pass on the techniques and secrets so the tradition can continue.

We'll be adding this years ornaments to the tree.  Reminders of special places and events that happened in 2009. Here are just a couple:

A wedding program, a Guatemalan doll, a wine label from Napa, CA

American Gothic from the Chicago Art Museum, a Florida alligator, a Red Sox jersey

the best place to get a cannoli in Boston, and bread in San Francisco

I feel very blessed that my family will be all together for the holidays. It will be a wonderful time just loving on each other, laughing and playing together.  That is the gift that I will treasure the most.

Have a very Merry Christmas-Kyle

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