Monday, December 7, 2009

First Christmas

I love the sounds of Christmas, the music and carols, the HO HO HO's and Merry Christmas's, the laughter, and on every street corner the sound of silver bells, along with all the FA LA LA LA's.

The sounds of our Christmas' changed when our children came along. It's different seeing and experiencing the holiday through the eyes of a child. Their joy and excitement is very contagious. Their view is always fresh, it's seeing things with new eyes. It was wonderful during the Christmas of 1981 when my daughter, Elizabeth, celebrated her first Christmas. It was so much fun starting new family traditions.

 Playing with new toys

Why do we have a tree in the house?

Santa had to bring lots of toys in 1984.  Kate and Jessica were a month old and had no idea it was Christmas, but they were our gift under the tree that year.  Don't you think they look like elves?

Kate's not sure if she likes the hat and Jessica's in denial

They actually had a memorable Christmas that year.  I had tucked them under the tree in little infant seats, while we had dinner.  All of a sudden, we heard a SWOOSH!, looked over, and the tree had fallen over right on top of the sleeping duo.  They didn't even wake up with all the excitement.  It's a story we tell every year.

Thought I would add one more first Christmas picture.  Do you know who or when?  She sure is cute!

The sounds of Christmas have changed over the years as everyone has grown up.  But who knows, someday maybe there will be the giggles of children once again.  If not, I'll just have to sing FA LA LA LA LA.

Until Next Time-Kyle