Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in Our Places

I had a wonderful Christmas with all of my family able to come and share some enjoyable family time.  We had a very cold and "White Christmas", just what Kate was hoping for.
It was the perfect picture of a Christmas in Colorado.

We ate fantastic food, prepared by Elizabeth and Don and by the ravioli elves. Notice their working conditions! That's Elizabeth and Martin creating dinner in the store room of the basement. That's where Ed keeps is special pasta making table.

 We played games, put together a puzzle, watched movies, went to the movies, we really enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, did a bit of shopping, played on a Wii, and took lots of pictures.
  It's hard to set the timer of the camera and get in place!

One more time

Merry Christmas!

Now, we are all back in our perspective places.  Kate is back in warm and sunny Florida, Bobby is visiting his folks in Colorado,  Elizabeth, Don, Martin and Ed are back to work,  Jessica is still on vacation and I am putting decorations away.  Holidays are fun  and exciting, but I'm looking forward to getting my schedule back to normal.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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