Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Viva la Friendship

If anyone was at Lucille's Restaurant yesterday for breakfast, you might have noticed there were several groups of women celebrating their friendships. There was a very large group in the back with lots of presents, another larger group of young professional looking women eating and talking, and several tables with just two women sharing breakfast together. But, also, there was a delightful foursome laughing and sharing and celebrating a dear friend's birthday. (We don't keep track of which one specifically anymore)

My friends, Becky, Julie, and, of course, the birthday girl, Debbie, were at Lucille's throwing a party.  It was Debbie's birthday. And we wanted to let her know how special she is to us.

At a birthday party, we aren't there to celebrate an accomplishment, but to celebrate the fact that, we're all thankful that, that person was born, and is an important  part of our lives.

Our long term friendship has allowed us to celebrate MANY birthdays together. Thanks, Debbie, for being a sparkle in my life. Joyeux anniversaire! 

I made the title French, because Debbie loves Paris and has been there 4 times!!! :)

Until Next Time- Kyle

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