Monday, March 2, 2015

The Everglades Ultra

 My little R & R to Florida 
did include one more activity.
Well, actually one more event
for Running Man.

Yes, another one of his
50 mile ultra runs.
This time he was familiar with the
lay out of the course.
 He had run this one
a couple of years ago.

Here we are at 5 am.
Ready to start running through the
Everglades in the pitch dark.
Oh, boy.  That's what I call excitement.
I settled back in the car 
until the sun was out.

Here's the goal.
No band, no fireworks, no huge crowds.

Here's what a 50 mile 
trail run looks like on a map.
There are aid stations about every 4-5 miles.
It's not a course where a crew can follow
their runner so that meant
 I stayed put for the day.

Here's what I did.
Took a couple of walks.

and did some sewing.
Sitting at an ultra race and appliqueing
is a unique conversation starter.
(This is my nine patch swap quilt.)

I also watched the vultures circling and
 waiting to swoop down on some unexpected runner
too pooped to make it.
Not really, I hope.

But this trail run is not without dangers.
So that is why each runner
is equipped with bright orange whistle to
summon help in case you encounter
this or
a bear, or panthers, or some coiled up
 huge snake.

The only danger the orange whistle
can't protect you from are

cypress knees,
which are these woody projections that grow 
out from the base of the cypress trees.
I think every runner came in with a bloody
knee or two after being tripped up by these.

It was a beautiful day in the swamp,
I was glad when Running Man finally
saw this sign.

He was not the fastest person on the course,
but he was the fastest one

in his age bracket,
Males, 60 and up.
We affectionately refer to it as
"the Ol' Geezers"
 Way to go, Running Man.
I was his cheering crowd!
 Until Next Time-


  1. Yowzers!! I would beg out as soon as they explained the whistle!! Congrats to the Running Man!! I hope he didn't need to blow for help!

  2. What an accomplishment! I am impressed. I have a daughter who does half marathons and has done one full marathon. That seemed grueling enough to me, but 50 miles through the Everglades? WOW!! Pretty darn good for an "old geezer", I'd say!!

  3. Bravo for him! Looks very challenging to me what with dodging the alligators and all.

  4. Pass along congratulations to the running man! That course is not for the faint of heart! I love the cheddar and applique you are adding to your 9 patch swap quilt. I need to get those patches out and do something with them!!

  5. Well done Running Man!!! I have images of him wresting alligaters, dodging snakes and running from bears. I like the view you had, of a beautiful blue lake and colourful applique.

  6. Wowsers. 50 miles is huge. And to keep doing it!! Your conversation starter is looking good.:)

  7. 50 miles! That is just amazing! Then add in all the 'extras'. I think the vultures were the spookiest. Please tell him congratulations. I love your applique work!

  8. Congratulations to Running Man....glad he made it off the course without been eaten! Me thinks you should be careful bushwalking with your husband, the alligators/bears/panthers will eat then slowest person first - unless you can wave your quilt at them like a matador v a charging bull?!

  9. Amazing. Very impressive. Looks way more dangerous than coyotes.

  10. Congratulations to him - just amazing! and thank goodness he didn't need the whistle...
    Love your sewing :)

  11. Can't imagine how long that must have taken him - does he run the whole way? Or walk some of it? Back when I lived in CA and was going to college, my P.E. teacher convinced me to run the Bay to Breakers 'race' in the San Francisco area - I was young but not particularly fit - but I ran the entire thing - I guess it was about 12K - and felt quite accomplished - but 50 MILES? Tell him congrats!

  12. Amazing! Congratulations to your Running Man - the unknown wildlife would have done it for me - anything that crawls or slithers...
    How wonderful for you to sit in the sun and applique.

  13. Good job, Running Man! I can't imagine running a marathon let alone 50 miles.

  14. way to go indeed!! It is amazing. We used to call my MIL and MIL "the duffers"
    what is the whistle shape supposed to be?
    I love that you are working on the swap patch quilt!! so fun