Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Thaw

With the clocks springing forward
this past weekend,
it made me feel like
I just needed to be leaping too.

Leaping right into something quick and  FUN!

I've been working on so many long term
heavy wintery projects.
I  need to lighten up,
Thaw out,
And spring into a few 
Quick, seasonal projects.

Brighter colors are a good
indication that spring is just around the corner.

These cute ABC animals are from a Moda
line designed by Abi Hall called
ABC Menagerie.
Working with these sweet little guys will
certainly chase away the winter doldrums.

And then why not dance your way into
 a new wool pattern
This sweet little bunny with his dandelion wishes
can fill us with hope that spring isn't too far off.

I need to thaw out.
Explore, investigate,
challenge myself to something new.

I've wanted to try some Seminole piecing
since I had seen those beautiful garment in Florida.
Springtime colors some how
makes me feel a little bit warmer
despite there's still snow outside my window.

The other night look whooooo
came to dinner.

We didn't dare move, but
I could slowly reach for the camera.

I think he was annoyed when we saw he'd moved to
the bench in the garden.

Surprise!  We're still watching you
watching us.

Until Next Time-


  1. Love, love, love your wishes rabbit! And what beautiful photos.... blessings, marlene

  2. Look like fun projects and I loved seeing the photos of your visitor. What a handsome guy!

  3. I love the bunny design. Very spring looking. We are having beautiful that you left Florida and went back home.

  4. A very fun post! Great capture of doubt he wanted to watch you leaping and dancing and seeing those new projects!!!

  5. That bunny design is the cutest ! Very cool pictures of the owl

  6. Love the picture of the little child especially. I've been finding myself looking through some lighter colored fabrics lately.:)

  7. Your owl pictures are amazing!! My kids just loved them too. He is a serious looking owl :0) I look forward to seeing what you do with your seminole piecing - beautiful so far. Starting something new makes me feel like jumping for joy too - lol

  8. Hi Kyle - I hear you about changing things up with a new season - looks like you have it well in hand! Is that a picture of Everdeen? Can't believe how big she's getting! Isn't it interesting how each part of the country has it's own quilt 'flavor'? I've always thought the Seminole piecing lends itself well to borders - will be interested to see what yours evolves in to. Cool owl - he was up way past his bedtime - maybe Daylight Saving messed up his internal clock too?

  9. Wow - look at that owl!! it's amazing he came so close to the house. We've had an owl hooting in our garden the last few days, we've looked and looked but can't find him. How wonderful that spring breezes are blowing through your sewing room and bringing fresh new projects and a zest for new challenges. It's great to see the seminole piecing, I wonder if you'll be tempted to make a skirt?

  10. I love the bunny design and the colors you chose. Certainly, you have owls and here we have hares! Happy stitching :)

  11. Great projects, but the owl is beautiful! Great pictures.

  12. Laughed over the photos of the ladies dancing--very appropriate for springing forward. : )
    You have some wonderfully happy projects selected for Spring. I especially love the Seminole piecing.
    My goodness, that owl looks intimidating--but what a "hoot" to see him peeking through the plants at you.

  13. Love the photos of your owl, what a beautiful creature. Those alphabet blocks will make a lovely childs quilt, are they for someone special?

  14. Wow - it's a lifes dream to see an owl in the wild.
    I love all your fun vintage photos, they are so fun. Your seminole piecing looks great. Cute Alphabet blocks!!
    aahhh, spring...

  15. Love your spring projects and the owl is stunning. So much better than coyotes!

  16. Your row quilt turned out beautifully, Kyle. And I love these owl photos! What a story. Something in your house must have really caught his eye. :D