Monday, March 16, 2015

Buzz'n Like a Bee

The other day I casually glanced at a shrub
just outside of my window and 
had to stop and look again.

Completely unnoticeable to me
 were these tiny pink flowers.

But those flowers had not
gone unnoticed by the honey bees
that live a few doors down in a neighbor's backyard hives.

I hadn't seen the flowers, but instead
the movement of
 ravenous bees eager for the 
taste of fresh flowers.
I was like those hungry honeybees.
 I spent most of my time last week
working on three quick and easy projects.
I was energized to begin working on
something fresh.
I had a plan.

First was this ABC quilt.
 It wasn't anything challenging or
complicated, like those simple flowers on the shrub.

It simply entailed cutting apart a panel
designed for Moda by Abi Hall
called ABC Menagerie.

Then adding some sashing,

  and finally a border.

Machine quilting some straight lines and

  then some hearts in the border.

Just working to a different 
rhythm was refreshing.
Straight line stitching was 
all that was required until 
it was time to do the borders and
then just a bit of free motion quilting.

It felt so good to complete a project
in just a few days.
I was just like those honeybees
so happy to be buzzing around 
tasting the sweetness of the first spring flowers.

I even had enough fabric
leftover to make a few pillowcases.

Those are for the the 3 little people
who come to Nana's house.

But is that all I got done?
No, there's more.
 Can't wait to show you.
Until Next Time-


  1. What a delightful quilt! The pillowcases are a nice bonus - love the polka dots :0) Lucky you to have bees buzzing already - we have more snow today... I can't wait to see what else you've been working on!

  2. That is such a sweet quilt and matching pillow cases are a nice touch...makes it easier to share when at Nan's house!

  3. What a cute quilt!! I love it's simplicity, and sweet heart quilting in the borders. The pillowcases are the icing on the cake! What a fun treat to have special quilts and pillow cases when visiting Nana.

  4. What a cute quilt, Kyle! Such fun for your visitors. Glad spring is making itself felt.

  5. wow!! you sure got that done fast - it is super cute and cheerful!
    the pillowcases are wonderful and I know the little ones will love them.
    wee - I'm jealous. Buds? we're getting snow on friday -

  6. What a happy Spring post.
    Love the little quilt--so fresh and fun! I'll bet three little visitors are going to love those pillowcases! : )

  7. This little quilt turned out so delightfully! I love it - and I'm not usually a fan of printed panels! Sure a lot quicker than piecing alphabet blocks, huh? The pillowcases will be perfect for sleepovers - I might have to borrow your idea for my little ones!

  8. Kyle what an adorable quilt for your wee ones! blessings, marlene

  9. I like the fabric design used for the border. So much activity to look at. And adorable pillow cases to match the quilt.