Friday, March 27, 2015

Quilters Keep On Giving

Quilters are some of the
most generous people I know.
We make and give quilts away
to people we know and
to those we don't,
to people of all ages,
and to people near and far,
in times of celebrations and
 in times of need.

A few weeks ago
one of my quilt groups was approached
to make quilts for a 
new local low income housing project.

The group of about 30 women
made a commitment to
make and gift 20 quilts
 to the new residents, folks
who are trying to improve their lives
and living situations.
Most of the residents will be males
so it was important to use fabrics
that were neutral or more masculine looking.

I spent some time looking
through my stash and cut 
32 light and 32 blue 10" squares.
After sewing on both side of the diagonal,
I had made 64 large half square triangles
which were then trimmed to 9 1/2".

 Some of the fabric was close be being called "vintage".
 This piece was part of a collection
commemorating Columbus's 500th year anniversary in 1992!

The pieces were laid out in
an asymmetrical pattern
 and made a great masculine design
that will look fantastic in somebody's new apartment.
One machine quilter has volunteered her
time to quilt each and every one of these.
What a wonderful gift.
 I've already passed this top on
 with the backing and binding  included.

The recipients may call these
gifts of love a blanket, a bedspread
or an afghan.
But that doesn't matter.
Hopefully, it will be a reminder to whoever
receives these
that they have not been forgotten and
there are folks who care.

PS. As of this post, 17 quilts are just about done.

Until Next Time-


  1. what a wonderful charity quilt - I am sure it will be loved for many years! I love those older commemorative prints!

  2. Wow, that's a gorgeous quilt! What a blessing it will be to the recipient.

  3. WOW!! SEW generous of you!! The recipient is going to be thrilled!!

  4. Fantastic! It is a great gift, and a great selection of fabrics. The whole community wins.

  5. What a wonderful thing for your group to do!! I think your quilt top looks fantastic!

  6. All of you are wonderful people. Your quilt looks very manly and very warm at the same time. It's an amazing combination. I can see that you too are a wonderful woman. Have a great day! Sil
    I hope you know forgive my poor English

  7. Good design for a man. Masculine kind of colors and an interesting setting.

  8. What a fantastic pattern, draws your eye in and definitely masculine. Sometimes I get so obsessed with cutting up little bits of fabric I forget that simple blocks are just as effective in creating a pattern....and a lot quicker! How nice the quilter is going to finish all those tops, what a gem.

  9. What a perfect quilt for a male, well for anyone in fact. I know it will be treasured. 20 quilts is a wonderful and special contribution and three cheers for the quilter who is quilting them all.

  10. What a great idea, I love your quilt!

  11. What a wonderful, bold graphic design!
    I need reminders that pieces don't have to be tiny to create beautiful quilts! : )

  12. Sounds like a great service project Kyle - I know they'll be appreciated and be a warm addition to these new homes. So glad you were able to participate - you're a good example to us all! Your quilt is simple, but very striking - I like it!

  13. Terrific choice of colors and piecing Kyle! Some one will be very pleased to receive this. Our guild also makes numerous charity quilts throughout the year - no doubt part of any guild's mission statement to serve the community. Love your little slice of 1992 fabric - have the same piece and included a touch in my own 65th birthday quilt.

  14. Great quilt top, Kyle. Well done to your guild members for this collaboration.

  15. What a joy it will be when the quilts are gifted! Love this idea.... blessings, marlene

  16. This quilt top turned out great! It is going to make someone's new apartment feel so comfortable and homey. I am sure it will be treasured by who ever receives it! I really like your design. I have been thinking of making my brother a quilt for Christmas, this idea may be just the right one.