Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Got Them Sewn Together.

Last time I posted,
 I shared
Running Man's 50 mile trail run.

I haven't been out running on a trail,
but it has felt like I was doing an ultra ultra
sewing challenge.

I had been working on two 

These were very challenging.

I am a visual person and
the pattern has few pictures to help to
understand the construction.
Even with years of sewing
under my belt, 
I was left feeling a bit challenged.

But fortunately,
Sew-a-Long for this bag just about
a year ago.

It was a fabulous resource.
I couldn't have put this bag together without 
their easy to follow steps by step construction.
I wanted each bag to be super scrappy.
That meant it required 11 different fabrics,
a different one for each of the different sections.

It also meant finding
4 zips per bag, in the right sizes to 
coordinate perfectly.

I found those at

Oh, it just makes you want to buy zippers.
She has a wonderful deal, especially for this bag.
4 zips for $2.30 with a fabulous assortment of colors.
Going to this site is wonderful if you're making
this bag or for something else that might require zippers.

it was a lot of work, but

I'm glad I finished my race too.

 Until Next Time-


  1. Very pretty results for your challenging project!! I love the colors !!

  2. Thanks for sharing...what an AMAZING RACE!! Loved them all...and YES, it's all about the zipper!

  3. They turned out great! A very satisfying feeling to finish one or two!

  4. Fabulous bags! I love that you used so many prints. Thank you for the link to the zippers!

  5. I just love your bags! (especially the Fig Tree fabric one) I can see how those bags would be challenging. I bet you are enjoying the feeling of accomplishment :0)

  6. Wow, those do look challenging, but what wonderful results!

  7. Your bags don't reflect your marathon at all, they just look wonderful in their fun mix of fabrics and colourful zips. Are you tempted to make more? It seems so many people do once they've worked out the pattern.

  8. For a little bag it sure does pack a punch! I guess you can call that a personal best!

  9. Luscious colors! They are so ready for Spring. A couple of our LQS's have little spinner racks next to the check out counter - loaded with those zippers in every color of the rainbow at affordable prices - you just want to grab a handful. Congrats on crossing the finishing line with your sweet bags.

  10. Congratulations on finishing your race! Those bags are so pretty! They do look complicated, but I think they look very handy for sorts of things. I am thinking of making something to carry my hand piecing in when we are out and about, something like this might work.

  11. Great finish Kyle! We made these bags one night in our sewing class here at the house. Had not Jill been here to help us, we would never have gotten through that pattern. Their has been lots of conversation on line, pro and con regarding the sew along bag...very interesting. The bag is great and very useful, glad I made mine.

  12. Super bags. I have seen this bag and though about making it but it always looked difficult and time consuming. I really like yours.

  13. I've seen these adorable bags on other blogs and always admired them. Love your color & fabric choices Kyle! I'm guessing some lucky recipients will be thrilled to receive these?

  14. Congratulations making these 2 bags !
    Love the fabrics and what great gifts :-D

  15. Your two bags look fabulous Kyle!! Well done you. I have fabric ready - just need time and headspace to make them.......

  16. Great job! these turned out so great! I want to make one, but I keep shying away when I hear how challenging they are.
    I'm not great at fiddly sewing and I also am pattern challenged!

  17. Playing catch-up. Your bags turned out so cute! Great choice of fabrics!