Monday, March 23, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole

Remember in the story of Alice in Wonderland and
how she decided to follow the White Rabbit
 down the rabbit hole.

Look who I caught
 peeking down the rabbit hole.

For the past couple of weeks,
I've been feeling just like the
impulsive Alice.
I've been
 following my quilting desires,
leaving my regular projects and WIP's behind and
feeling more spontaneous.

Last week I had fun following
 this little Wool Rabbit.

I enjoyed taking my time working
"Dandelion Wishes"
designed by Nutmeg Hare

 There's something relaxing and soothing about
working with wool.

I followed my own path and
didn't use black wool for the background,
instead I used a blue flannel
and a linen and cotton blend for the embroidery.
It seemed a bit more spring like.

I guess we all remember picking dandelions and 
blowing the feathery seed head while making 
a wish.
Wouldn't it be nice if 
life could always be that simple?

Granted, this wasn't the white rabbit with a 
pocket watch telling me he was late, too late,
for a very important date.

But instead a little brown bunny who seemed to be
unaware of the fact he was
blowing dandelion seeds all over the yard.
 Running Man found this quite inexcusable.
Sorry little brown rabbit.
Life is not as simple as it use to be!

Until Next Time


  1. Wow, that is just the cutest thing! I love it!

  2. Beautifully done, Kyle! And I think the blue flannel is perfect!

  3. This is such a sweet post! Love the kids peering into who-knows-what. You have made some excellent changes to that "Wishes" piece. Can't imagine it being anywhere as pretty with a black background. And on top of that, you have such a way with words, Kyle. You weave a beautiful story in with your photos. Love it!

  4. What a cute little bunny and just perfect for this time of year,
    I love the way you express yourself in your post.

  5. This little piece really speaks to me Kyle - nothing sweeter than a bouquet of dandelions clasped in grubby little fingers - but a rabbit will do in a pinch! LOL I had a friend who found some silk dandelions that she kept on her coffee table in a vase - such a darling little touch to her decorating.

  6. Such a sweet runner, makes me feel like an innocent child again to see that picture.

  7. That is just the cutest thing I've seen!!! Love, love!!

  8. Everything - the grands, the stitchery - the description - so sweet!!

  9. So fun and really beautiful! The perfect project to display for Easter!

  10. Oh your bunny making wishes is so sweet!! The dandelion seeds blowing are so pretty, and really have a lovely sense of a breeze blowing gently through. I wonder if he's wishing for carrots, or for spring weather, most likely both.

  11. Such as sweet little bunny making wishes - I love it!

  12. So cute! Love the dandelions.:)

  13. What a special piece. I love the bunny and his houndstooth coat. The photo of the kids is adorable.
    What a delight this post is. Gives me hope spring really will come.

  14. I love your bunny making wishes! I understand Running Man's point of view too! Lol

  15. So sweet--I love the little seeds blowing on the breeze! The blue background is perfect for spring!

  16. So sweet--I love the little seeds blowing on the breeze! The blue background is perfect for spring!