Friday, January 16, 2015

There's No Stopping Me Now

 It sure helps when you
have encouragement from friends.

You feel like you can do anything.

 Just so you know, I did have a great aunt who was a bareback rider
for the circus.  So it's in the genes!

I have been working steadily on
my giant wool applique quilt.
The pieces are now all whipped into place
and the scalloped border determined and marked.

I've even done some embroidery.
Today it's all about basting.

So not even another buck-a-roo can stop me now.

Especially, not a cowgirl
carrying a six shooter and a guitar.
(And yes, it's me.)
Until Next Time-


  1. Gallop to the finish line! Is that you in the last picture? My granddaughter is having a cowgirl themed 3rd birthday party...she loves horses.

  2. I love that determination! (fun photos too!)

  3. You're a great storyteller! And your quilt is looking good too!

  4. Whoop! go get 'em, cowgirl!! Beautiful, by the way...

  5. You go girl. You are going to quietly pat yourself on the back for not giving in. Will probably turn out to be your favourite quilt in the end. Can't wait for more news.

  6. What a fun post with all the cowgirl photos!! That one of you is so cute!! You're sewing your beautiful quilt like a bareback rider in a circus - with flair, precision and creating a wonderful show for your audience to see too.

  7. You go girl! Ha ha, I had a little cowgirl outfit when I was a child too, fun memories. Wow, what a career - being in the circus that is! I knew that career counsellor was too straight laced, all the fun things a girl could have been!

  8. What great pictures!! What a great attitude too :0)

  9. Very fun telling. I have a similar photo to that last one--I was always hanging out with the boys in the neighborhood. : )
    LOVE your wool applique project! Gorgeous!

  10. Great cowgirl attitude! You go, girl!

  11. Yay!! Well done you!! And I love the pic of you as a cowgirl! So cute.

  12. Lovely progress. What a fun photo and post!

  13. What wonderful fun pictures ! You are SO cute in that last picture !

  14. What wonderful photos and what a character your Aunt was! I love it
    your wool project is looking good!