Monday, January 12, 2015

Something New, Something Blue

I'm not the kind of person who
let's obligations or commitments
slide to the last moment.

Remember those big science or
Social Studies project in school?
I would get right on those as soon as
the assignment was given.
 (The other kids hated me for that)

Even now
I still can't put things off
 especially, if I've promised 
something would be done by a certain time.

One of the quilt groups I belong to
has promised to make baby quilts for a church's ministry.
This has allowed the quilt group to meet in the
building for insurance purposes.

So when the calendar page flipped,
I decided to get a baby quilt made.
(I'm not totally deviating from 
the wool applique.)

I friend gave me an
 unwanted charm pack and

I knew it would make a fun
modern baby boy quilt.

The pattern I decided to use is from the 
Missouri Star Quilt Co.
It's called the Tipsy Tumbler Quilt.
You can watch a video here.

I used the cardboard from the back of the
charm pack to create a tumbler shape
and cut out 25 pieces.

The whole idea of Jenny's method is to
start with a tumbler shape, set it on
a 10" square and iron and fold
the square over the raw edges and sew.

The raw edges are
enclosed in a seam.

Then do it again 
with the opposite sides.

Look a tumbler block.
Trim the outer edges to make an 8" square.

Here's the back.  You can see
how those
seams are all enclosed.

I was afraid it would make the seams
feel too thick, but it didn't.

Doesn't it look like I had to cut out a lot 
of different shaped pieces?

I laid out the blocks on
my design floor and 
I use these nifty preprinted
plastic lay out squares
by Quilt Dance.
(I couldn't find them online anywhere, sorry)

So here's the quilt
sewn together.
 You could add a border if you wanted,
but I wanted to keep it under 40" so
the backing would be one piece.

I'm hoping those
seams fade away more once the
batting is laid underneath.
(I think they're showing up more being on a wood floor.)

My neighbors have been gone for awhile,
so I went next door for a photo shoot.
They have Grecian statues
next to their pool.
Doesn't she seem thrilled with the quilt top?

Until Next Time-


    What a wonderful baby quilt this will be.
    I really enjoyed your little assembly tutorial too.
    Such an interesting sewing concept.

  2. Isn't that a darling quilt!! I have never heard of this technique - Thanks for being brave enough to try it and share your results. Jenny always gives us great ideas!

  3. Woot, woot! What a fun, fun project! Some new mommy will be SO thrilled to receive this little quilt! Too cute.....

  4. LoL, I love the greek goddess and her quilt 😊
    The baby quilt is adorable and the technique looks like fun.

  5. I had watched Jenny's tutorial on this and thought it was awfully clever. Your finished top makes me want to set aside all of my responsibilities for the day and give it a try. Alas, that won't happen.
    It looks really fun, and I think the seams won't show like that with a white batting.
    LOL--Love the statue with the quilt. Such a unique photo shoot idea. : )

  6. That turned out so cute! A very interesting method of making a block. I am going to have to watch the video, Great idea for the photo shoot.

  7. What a beautiful baby quilt ! Love your model holding the quilt ;-)

  8. What a great pattern, so little waste and looks like it was fairly quick. I love the fresh colour combination, someone is going to be a very happy Mum with a warm bub : )

  9. I got a chuckle out of your photo with the Grecian statue!

  10. Such a pretty way to use those crisp blue fabrics. I'm betting on the seam lines being much less noticeable on top of batting and backing.
    Love that lady with the quilt. Not everybody gets a chance to display quilts which such classic elegance. It's gorgeous!

  11. Great tutorial - and such an interesting construction, never seen this before! It will be a gorgeous baby quilt - fun and fresh :)

  12. very cute baby quilt! I love the photo shoot! Wow - full sized statues? love it.

  13. Too cute. Jenny D has some great tutorials.

  14. An interesting spot for taking the finished quilt photo. The charms made into a very nice baby quilt. I don't have the need to make any baby size quilts but will keep this in mind.

  15. The blue fabrics are so lovely. The pattern shows them off beautifully. You make all of us procrastinators look bad - lol!

  16. Very interesting technique! I like the topsy, turvy look to this quilt.:)

  17. How clever! That looks great Kyle. And the statue is the perfect model!

  18. I had not seen blocks done like this. Very interesting, and what a wonderful model you found!