Friday, January 30, 2015

I Haven't Abandoned You, Mystery Quilt

 Well, the mystery quilt,
by Di Ford is officially over.

What that means is everything
 has been revealed.
It's no longer a mystery.
The last installment was in the latest
Quiltmania magazine # 104.

I had been waiting for the ending
to finish.  Not because I was concerned 
about what it was going to look like,
but because, borders 5 and 6, of course,
had applique pieces that I thought
would be difficult to place correctly
if the borders weren't attached to the quilt beforehand.

So I waited and
now I'm working on the last two borders together.

 First I added border #5 which is a 
2" strip, finishing at 1 1/2".
 Can you see how close those applique pieces are
to the edge?  I know I would have had a hard
time keeping the applique out of the seam allowance.

So instead of appliqueing those,
 I pieced border #6 and 
added that to the quilt top.
Granted, the top is now bigger
and a little more difficult to handle,
but worth the extra bulk
to get the appliques centered properly,

so they won't being gobbled up
in the seam allowance.
It makes it easier for me figure out.

Border 6 will take awhile.
Lots of English Paper piecing to do.

No problem.
there's still plenty of winter left.

Until Next Time-


  1. What an amazing quilter you are!! Love your work...enjoy your border work!

  2. Your post has given me a badly needed kick start on Di's mystery quilt. Working on the same border as you and have 2 sides done with a start on the 3rd. My quilting mojo has all but disappeared of late. Not good timing considering the amount of winter we have left.

  3. Sure looks good - I think you had a great idea to add the next border before doing the applique work - makes perfect sense to me!

  4. Such a beautiful quilt is worth spending time on. Happy warm winter stitching.

  5. Smart approach to the applique placement. I've run into that problem even with some of the wool applique I have done.
    This is an amazing quilt--great job, Kyle!

  6. You are doing a great job Kyle. I am still on round three and thinking that I may do round four and then go back to the applique.

  7. Wanted to add that I am cheering you on from where I am sitting.

  8. It really does make sense to add that applique after the other borders are included. Your quilt is looking fabulous!

  9. Great idea, I do the same thing because that is a lot of applique to rip out and I would be crying!

  10. What a very practical idea! It's going to be fabulous! I enjoyed your progress pictures :0) And winter... Yeah... It's going to be awhile yet.

  11. great solution and it looks great! You are brave to do a mystery with this much work but it looks like it will be well worth it!

  12. Good idea. I wish I had thought of it. I still have the final border to stitch on mine. Just not excited about making all those stars.

  13. So beautiful! It's just amazing to see this.

  14. Loads of hand work involved, but all worth it as it looks beautiful and I am sure you are enjoying every stitch. Good thinking to do the applique after attaching the border, I will remember that hint!

  15. Great idea! Shoveling today took a bite out of my stitching time. Love your fabric choices!