Monday, January 19, 2015

Blue Tumblers

It really didn't take me long
to get that tumbler quilt top basted and quilted.

I wanted to be able to turn it in at
tomorrow's meeting.

The color just fit with the
color of the sky and the foothills

The color might also be on
beaches of the Caribbean, but for now
I'll  have to stick with the snow and mountain.

I love how this pattern
from the Missouri Star Quilt Co.
was so easy and fast to piece.
The blocks can be laid out so the tumblers
go every direction.

I used this polka dot flannel for the backing
and at the quilt groups holiday party,
 I received a piece of this blue fairy frost fabric
which was the perfect color for the binding.

I quilted straight lines in the white background to
make the seams less noticeable.
I didn't mark anything, I just stitched
along the edge of some masking tape.
I didn't even quilt in the tumblers.  I wanted
the fabric to be the star.
It's nice to have my obligation done,
but I hope, it will be even nicer for some
new baby boy to enjoy a little quilt from me.

Until Next Time-


  1. The quilt turned out really nice. What a great setting for a picture.

  2. The quilt, the colors and the quilting are all so perfect. Such a nice gift to give.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous setting for the backdrop!
    Tipsy Tumblers turned out really well--great job. : )

  4. Such a great quilt, Kyle, and the setting for your photo is lovely. That fairy frost fabric is a perfect binding choice.
    I just noticed the little stocking cap and scarf on the R in your header. Too cute!

  5. The blue and white quilt looks nice against the snow. Reminds me of when we lived in Ohio.

  6. Such a great quilt! Too cute!

  7. I like the way the tumblers look as though they are dancing. Your snowy landscape is the perfect backdrop.

  8. Beautiful finish and a beautiful photo - I think I like it better than a beach pic - the tumblers echo the distant mountain peaks. Your quilting lines are a great choice :)

  9. Lovely! The colours, I think, are quite Wintery against that backdrop.

  10. Very fun quilt! Love that setting for it.:)

  11. what a beautiful baby charity quilt! Love the photo shoot, it looks so crisp and pretty in the snowy landscape.
    I need to make plans to do a charity quilt soon!

  12. Such a dear baby quilt to wrap a little one in - love your snowscape!!

  13. Such a sweet quilt -- a great idea for a charity quilt. I have some cute kids fabrics I could pull out, I think.

  14. Fantastic quilt! A generous gift from the heart that will be treasured.

  15. That was a quick finish. It looks wonderful in your picture with the mountains in the background.

  16. This quilt turned out so beautiful!
    What a generous charity gift - I'm sure it will be well loved!
    Love the picture you took - it's postcard pretty with the snow and mountains.

  17. A great setting to photograph your quilt - the group will be SO impressed when they see it! I like the way you quilted it - looks very modern I think! I just learned that Garth Brooks will be performing in Denver in March - trying to convince hubby that we should go.

  18. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful quilt! blessings, marlene

  19. Beautiful quilt Kyle. I too have made several quilts using the fantastic Missouri Star Quilt Co. you tube demos.