Monday, January 26, 2015

Birthdays and Polka Dot Cake

 There are certain life markers
that indicate the passing of time.

Like getting an invitation
 to a high school reunion and thinking 
40 years?  Really?
retiring from a career that has
been the majority of your lifetime.

Sometimes it's birthdays, 
it can be your own,
or the birthdays of your children.

It seems like only yesterday they were babies

and now they're  grown 
with a family of their own.

And you say, "When did that happen?"

This weekend we headed to Denver to
celebrate the birthday of our oldest daughter, Elizabeth.
What a joy she has been to our lives.

 5 years old

A birthday celebration
always requires a cake.
And in this case, it needed to be a polka dot cake.
Here's how you do it.

First, you make some polka dots.

Bake them in a cake.

Have a good helper.
Then smear big globs of chocolate frosting.

Add few decorations.

Along with a candle.
(Any one will do)

Sprinkle in a few hugs and kisses.

And you have a fun birthday celebration.

Then next year,
you'll wonder again,
"Where did the time go?"

Until Next Time-


  1. what an awesome cake! I love it!! what nice family photos - beauitful kid and grand kids!

  2. What wonderful photos of your family and your grandchildren are real cuties.
    Such a fun polka dot cake :-D

  3. I feel like part of the family now. Love your photos.
    What a fun cake!!
    Yes, when a former classmate mentioned to me that it was our 40th reunion this year I felt like I had been slapped! : ) When did that happen?

  4. I can't believe you are just turning 3 Elizabeth! ;) Happy Birthday to my big sister!

  5. What a lovely family post. Happy birthday to Elizabeth.

  6. Congratulations on another milestone. What a yummy looking cake :0) Looks like it was a fun celebration!

  7. It's so true that birthdays make you wonder where the time has gone. That is such a fun cake!! I'm sure your helper had a fun time adding polka dots to the frosting.

  8. Yum, what a great to love polka dots!

  9. Yep, I agree with you about the birthday thing - sadly, I can barely remember how old my children are anymore! LOL I had the big 6-0 a couple weeks ago - yikes! Fun polka dots - and it was fun to see a younger photo of Running Man - he looks just the same!

  10. You are so clever! I would have been content with polka dots on the frosting, but nooooo. You have to make polka dots for the inside! Very cute! And darling family as well!

  11. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth! Love the photos and yes, I'm very curious about that cake, so many questions regarding baking with baked cake parts in the batter?