Monday, March 3, 2014

Christmas Crowns

 March brought us new snow
and the endless freezing temperatures.

But there's always a bright side.
Christmas Crowns
57" x 57"

I brought March in like a lion
with another quilt finished.

The pattern is
from Di Ford's book
Primarily Quilts...
19th Century Inspirations
published by Quiltmania.

Her original inspiration is from 
Henrietta Smith Glover,
of Huntington Connecticut,
c. 1840-1865

I used bright poison greens and
vibrant turkey red repros along with
a few golds.
The fabrics didn't have busy patterns
so the graphic design of the quilt could be the star.

I opted to have it machine quilted and 
went with an overall pattern 
that loosely resembled swirling feathers.

I thought it added another element
to balance and soften, just a little,
the sharp angular lines of the blocks.

With a complicated quilt finished,
I feel the need to do something
simple and quick.
 My machine is humming already.
 Until Next Time-


  1. Gorgeous!! You are on a roll! Love all your pretty quilts!

  2. It looks amazing!! I love the fabrics and colors! It looks marvelous in your outdoor picture - really warms up the landscape :0) I can't wait to see what you're making next!

  3. This quilt is breathtakingly beautiful Kyle! That's a LOT of HSTs, huh? The colors & the fabrics go together SO well - and of course your piecing is perfect. The quilter did a great job for you - how wonderful to have this project completely finished! Can't wait to see what you're making with all those springy fabrics.....

  4. So gorgeous! I love those colors! Now I think I 'need' that book! :o)

  5. So stunning, Kyle! And it looks great in your snowy setting!
    You deserve something easy after that! Looks like it is going to be fun, too. : )

  6. I could not love your quilt more than I do. It's just fabulous!

  7. Beautiful! And what a perfect background for it! Congrats on such a wonderful quilt. Lots of hard work in this one.:)

  8. Oh Kyle..your quilt is fantastic. It took my breath away. What a wonderful finish. Hugs

  9. Wow Kyle - it is wonderful- love the colours and fabrics you have used !! I would not have recognised it as from Di's book but I see it now...Have to say (in a whisper) I prefer your version - these colours really sing to me contrasted against the light sashing. Super photo in the snow.

  10. Great finish, love the colours and the design. Looking forward to seeing the next project on your machine...already!

  11. what a fun and cheerful quilt!

  12. What a gorgeous finish! Congratulations!

  13. That is a fabulous quilt! I love how it looks against the snow, although I am sick of the snow. Your colors and fabrics are perfect!

  14. Nicely done and so many triangles. You piecing looks very precise. The snow makes it look even brighter and welcoming.

  15. Kyle, it's a stunning quilt and I love the way you showcased it against the snow. Beautiful.

  16. Very pretty quilt. Connecticut has such great historic quilts! Nice setting in the snow.

  17. Kyle, it's stunning!!! Looks fab against the snow!