Thursday, February 27, 2014

Has It Been A Year Since I Started?

 It has been a year,
not a year of constant work,
but a year from start to finish.

It was last February 
while I was staying in Denver,
helping to take care of my little grandson and granddaughter,
that I began this
wool/flannel project
designed by
Primitive Gatherings.

There was lots of prep work:
fusing, cutting
and more fusing ,
along with  some help at the ironing board.
("Hey, Nana, I think it works better like this.")

But the blocks got done.

Well, not done completely.
There was lots of button hole stitching to do.

 I even had help with that.

Then all the borders were appliqued,
 half square triangles made,
and the top was finally pieced together.

Last week I got out my Perle cotton
and started big stitching.

Big stitching doesn't take too long
It is big stitches, after all.

So here it is all done,

 and bound.
Not bad for a calendar year,
even with help.

 Until Next Time-


  1. JUST GORGEOUS !!!!!!! It would have taken me more then 1 year to finish this quilt ;-) Congrats on a great finish !! LOVE IT !

  2. Wow Kyle - quilted and ALL! Has it been washed yet? I'd be so worried about the wool bleeding. I bet the flannel & wool feel so good together! So lovely!

  3. Fantastic finish! You have a teamwork quilt with great memories.

  4. Gorgeous! And I love the big stitching! Well done!

  5. Wonderful! Congratulations! - I love the last photo with the light showing up all the quilting. And isn't it wonderful when the family helps out - one way or the other ;)

  6. Forgot to say - love what you've done with the blog - fresh and pretty!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the patterns from Primitive Gatherings. You did beautiful work on this one! (as always)

  8. Now that could come live at my house just any time. A wonderful finish. With the little ones to help you, I don't know how you got it done. LOL!

  9. What a beautiful way to make one year in your life. You'll remember it as you watch the little ones grow bigger! It's a great project!

  10. I made this quilt with a black background about 3 years ago - and I totally am in love with it. I haven't, however, quilted it. I want to do a big stitch as well so I have questions for you. Did you use a batting and if so, what? I'm concerned about how heavy it will be. And what did you use for your backing? I'm anxious to start on it but can't seem to make any decisions! blessings, marlene

  11. It's lovely Kyle! A year well spent (well, parts of the year - you've done other stuff too!!)

  12. Looks great! Is that for Daddy or Elizabeth? :)