Monday, February 10, 2014

February Is Red and White

 With red and white hearts 
as the popular design element 
for February

you have to think of 
the classic red and white quilt.

  A Red and White Tribute

 The pattern is so crisp and well
defined especially when it's pieced
with solids.

 It has been a popular combination

for centuries and
  will continue to be
sewn by quilters no matter the month.

So Sweet
Until Next Time-


  1. This quilt is a stunner! it is perfect for red and white - love it!

  2. Very pretty--and I enjoyed seeing a close-up of the quilting!

  3. Always a treat to see red and white quilts...and the quilting is beautiful!

  4. So lovely - this color combo and traditional pattern will never age or go out of style - I love it!

  5. It was great seeing your red and white quilt hanging at the state capitol. These are fantastic too, great collection.

  6. What a stunning quilt!
    Red & White has always been my very favorite quilt combination.
    So lovely to see these beautiful pictures of your work.