Friday, February 7, 2014

I Can Be Such a Cut Up

 We've all known someone 
we would be classified as a
"cut up".

You know, someone who
acts pretty silly and can 
make you laugh.

If you know a quilt maker or
are one, you know
we can spend a lot of time being a
"cut up".
In this case, it is 
the literal translation.

In fact, I spent all of last week,
and cutting some more
as I worked on about
4 projects.

It started with wool.
and a project from
Primitive Quilts and Projects
designed by Lynda Hall.

I cut lighter, more springtime colors,
and here it is ready for stitching.
The background is an old skirt,
with the seams included.

Then with two BOM's that 
need to be cut each month,
I dragged out the fabrics and
cut applique pieces for the 

and got the next 4 blocks
ready to stitch.
I'm not sure about the indigo leaves on the 3rd block
sticking straight up.
Maybe those are quilting muscles.

Then the A-Z with Ewe and Me
required more cutting
and designing 
and leaving a huge fabric trail.

And one more,
the Roseville  Album Quilt or
"the quilt that just never seems to want to get done".
I cut out freezer paper templates...

 and cut up
all kinds of small bits of fabrics,
more than shown here.
(Please note: I've finished a second one
of those "delightful" trees.)
Now I'm ready to stitch.

With all of this hand sewing ready,
it must mean I'm heading 
to Denver to wait for a new baby to arrive
any time now.
Until Next Time-


  1. You are so clever with your post title.
    That is a lot of cutting, Kyle, but each project is a delight! You have great taste. That last project--those trees? Yikes!! Good for you. I would run in the opposite direction!
    You will have plenty to keep your hands busy, if they aren't always full of a new baby. : )

  2. Lots of wonderful projects to keep you busy for some time ;-)

  3. Looks like you're all ready for doing a lot of hand work - and it's all delightful! Can't wait to hear about the new baby! I like the indigo leaves - that block needs a 'little' bit of blue....

  4. That is a lot of prep work! You are ready!! The Noah and Matilda blocks look wonderful - I look forward to seeing them stitched :0)

  5. Wow! You have been prepping like crazy! Those trees look insane, but I know they'll be totally worth it after they're finished.:)

  6. You are in a pastel mood except for the Roseville piece. The Roseville applique looks like it would take a lot of time not only for prep work but the actual stitches.

    The Wabbit piece....cute, cute.

  7. Yep - lots of cutting but all very different! Those trees are truly amazing and I love the Noah and Matilda's too. Great to see all your prep work and hope you have lots of fun with the stitching!

  8. Really fun to be waiting for a new baby! Even better when you are so prepared.

  9. Wow! That's a lot of cutting!! It all looks so interesting and so diverse.

  10. All such intricate and wonderful cut-work. You have made some fabulous progress on prepping your applique' projects!
    I look forward to seeing a few of these finishes!
    Wishing you all great Joy and Blessings on the birth of the new baby!

  11. Kyle I love your pastel version of Wabbits! So many great projects - I plan to do something similar today. :) And best wishes to mom for a wonderful delivery of a beautiful, healthy baby. blessings, marlene

  12. Lots of wonderful projects! Thank you for sharing. Your Valentine collection is great, too. Happy Valentine's Day!