Monday, February 24, 2014

A Good Little Gismo

One of my friends had 
the opportunity to go to 
the Houston Quilt Festival last fall.

And she brought me this little gismo.

 It's a needlepuller
from the Netherlands.

I hadn't used it until she mentioned 
it a couple of weeks ago and 
told me it was a wonder when
she was doing big stitch quilting on wool.

She's right!

I  thought I would finally give it a try
on a flannel/wool piece that
needed quilting with some Valdani Perle Cotton.

It did work great!
 I was able to pull the larger needle 
through those heavier
fabrics quite easily.
It's worn on your quilting hand.
The pointer finger is placed through the hole 
and the pushbutton is pointed toward the thumb.

 I was actually able to load my 
needle with a lot more stitches
than usual.
Then you slide 
the eye of the needlepuller
over the tip of the needle,
 squeeze the button with your thumb,

it grabs the needle, 
 and Da-Dah...
you pull the needle through.

It does takes a bit of getting use
to on your fingers.
I haven't mastered that yet.

But it did work very well.
I looked on line to try and find a source.
Amazon carries them, but 
they are out of stock,
so you might have to do more searching
or head off to a quilting venue
with lots of vendors.

Someday you might want to look for it.
It's a good Gismo
to have on hand.

Until Next Time-


  1. Thank you so much for letting everyone know about this little gizmo!! I want to see the whole quilt you are quilting is so gorgeous!! Have you shown it before?

  2. That would have come in handy a couple of times. Thanks for showing how it works. Hugs

  3. Who thinks of these things?!?
    That looks like a beautiful quilt you are quilting. Will you share it?

  4. What a clever little gadget. I really like the quilt you are working on just gorgeous!

  5. I can't imagine hand quilting a wool quilt - you're amazing! Looks like a very useful tool for that chore....

  6. Very interesting method! Very efficient!

  7. clever tool! thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  8. What a great idea! I have never seen one of them.

  9. I need one of these! I have a full size wool quilt that is ready to be quilted. :) blessings, marlene

  10. What a useful tool!
    And your stitches look lovely on that gorgeous quilt!