Monday, February 3, 2014

A Color of February

The colors of February
are pink, red and white
all smothered in hearts.

(a vintage Valentine Hankie)

Although I have 3 daughter's
when they were little,
I didn't dress them much in pink.

Pink isn't really my color either.
But when it comes to vintage 
double pinks,
that's another story.

We all recognize those
cool double toned pinks
that resemble the bubble gum,
called Bubble Gum Pinks.

And those wonderful 
double pinks, or "cinnamon pinks"
 from an earlier time period
that had tiny darker prints
on a rosy pink background.

Did you notice how
this quilter from the past
just let her humility
be part of the pattern.

 I love the simplicity of a two colored quilt,
with the double pink print and the tiny pink
and white shirting in the alternating plain blocks.

This is the color of February for me.

Until Next Time-


  1. I love vintage hankies!
    I had one daughter who was a pink and purple girl and one who preferred black, grey, burgundy and teal--even as a child.
    Like you, pink has never been my color, either, but I also love the vintage pinks. What a wonderful old quilt--and thanks for pointing out the error. Makes me feel better about my recent booboo. : )

  2. I think pink has become my favorite color...hence why Everdeen's entire wardrobe is pink :) I love all of those pretty pink vintage fabrics!

  3. What a beautiful vintage Valentine Hankie!
    That vintage quilt top is wonderful too!

  4. Pinks not my color either except when it comes to quilts. I have a yard of vintage double pink. I try and add a little of it to scrap quilts. Hugs

  5. The first hanky you show would make a beautiful quilt design. Maybe you want to tackle it and make one.

  6. I love pink and your quilt is wonderful! love the humility block.
    sweet hankies!