Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm Not Into Mysteries

 I think,
 I tried to do a mystery quilt once,
but I just couldn't follow through.
I must be more of a control freak
than I let on.
I needed to know,
before I started cutting and sewing,
 if the fabrics I had chosen
were really going work out.

While working at the quilt shop,
I had seen too many mystery quilts that
 should have remained a mystery.
Personally, I've always wanted more control,
especially if I was putting all that
time and money into a quilt.

But what am I doing now?
I'm following along and stitching
Di Ford's Mystery Quilt

 featured in the magazine
Quiltmania, beginning in issue #99.

1. Because I love her designs,
so I knew I couldn't go wrong.

2.  I surprised myself by already having
the border fabric she had used.

3. I wanted an excuse to buy
some stunning Dutch Chintz.

4. And I wanted to try some Broderie Perse applique
and finally join in the fun
of making 1/2" hexies.

It was easy to get started because
this project isn't really a mystery quilt
in the common meaning of the term..
I knew what part #1 looked like,
so I could find similar colors
to match the colors in my Chintz,
and know where they were going to placed
in the mystery.

Di Ford has even created 
a you tube video explaining
in detail the steps
involved for this part of the quilt.
She shares lots of wonderful
applique information, if you're interested.
I discovered only one shop
in the US that carries the Dutch Chintz
by the yard,
in McKinney, Texas.
 It's all so beautiful.
I went ahead and purchased a yard,
and I'm glad I did, 
despite the price.

My lovely one yard piece
now has lots of holes cut into it.
 If I hadn't gotten that amount,
I might not have been able to find
enough useable repeats of a specific figure.

So now,
there's no mystery about it,
 this is another great project
I've added to my have "fun list".

Until Next Time-


  1. Have fun! It is a beautiful block!

  2. I've been wanting an excuse to buy some Dutch chintz too - it's gorgeous!! It looks like you have a few flowers yet in your piece :0) Enjoy the mystery!

  3. I just bought this issue of Quiltmania yesterday - mainly because of this quilt in it! Glad to see you're on top of the project - it's going to be wonderful! Looks like you got the ecru background?

  4. I don't typically do mystery quilts either but anything with Di's name attached has my attention! And I don't ever do kits but am with this one (probably the last time too - we are still waiting on 2 missing fabrics from the first mailing - including that key chintz piece)
    If you have not checked things out - visit our group on Facebook - very helpful & supportive, especially in light of the recent mixup with Quiltmania's instructions and missing templates.

  5. This is going to be a stunning quilt ! Looking forward to watching your progress ! I also am a big control freak anddo not care for mystery quilts

  6. Happy to see you picked this project - it's so lovely!
    I look forward to following your progress.... I know it's going to turn out amazing.

  7. I'm not a mystery quilt person either - for the same reasons. But I can totally understand you having confidence in Di ! You will do a lovely job so am looking forward to following along:)

  8. I got burned on a mystery once, so I don't do them either.
    This quilt looks fun and like a real challenge! beautiful chintz

  9. You sure chose a great one to do! I have the chintz and border prints and magazines, too, but haven't started yet. Sometimes with a mystery, I'll just save the steps until I see the finished product and then decide if it's something I want to do. :-)

  10. What a beautiful medallion! That is incredible that you had just the right fabric.
    I don't do mysteries, either, except a rare mini from someone whose patterns I always love. Kind of like you and Di Ford, I guess. : )

  11. Well this one is beautiful! I'm sure you'll do it justice.:)

  12. I think you'll have fun with this one Kyle - cant wait to see your progress!!