Monday, March 31, 2014

Going In Circles

 All last week
I was either running in circles,
 cutting circles,
or baking circles.

I finally got a copy of the
 newest Quiltmania magazine, and
I decided to start part 2
of Di Ford's mystery quilt.
I spent a lot of time
 making piles of circles
to applique.

If you want round perfect circles,
there are multiple steps.
I do the steps,
but mine are far from perfect.
Close enough.

I loved Di's suggestion of marking the
individual 48 squares on the background fabric,
appliqueing the circles,
and then cutting the squares apart.

 Here's what part the second border looks like
with all those circles.

Other quilters, doing part 2,
have basted their circles in nice rows,
8 of each fabric in one neat row.
this is what happens when
 you try to do this while
 watching  "The Voice".

I have one more week at home,
before I leave to 
spend the weekdays in Denver
caring for my newest grand baby for a few months.
There seems to be so many things I
need to do before I go.

One thing on the top of my list was
to invite my "Quilty Buddies"
over for a day of stitching,
and friendship.

Every celebration
needs cake and
I decided to bake something unforgettable.
I don't want them
 to forget me while I'm gone.

I made a three tiered polka dot cake.
If you google it, there are quite a few
sites that can give you detailed instructions.

Sorry my photos aren't
we were all giggling too much!

The best part is cutting into the cake,
and Tah Dah....
 perfect polka dots.
This was just too much fun.

 So my "going in circles" ended as a good thing.
Especially, when you are circling with people
 that you hold dear.

Until Next Time-


  1. Your circles look great......and WOW! that cake looks amazing! So cool!

  2. You are doing a great job with part 4. Will we be missing you too? Hope you keep blogging. Enjoy your grandbaby. Hugs.

  3. I love cake!! That cake looks fabulous!! I can't imagine how you make such perfect circles of color! I will have to google it too. I love the border you are working on - I wouldn't have thought to applique the circles on a big piece like that - it's a good idea I will have to remember that. I look forward to seeing your progress :0)

  4. I think your circles look great. That is a lot of them and I am challenged just having to applique one into the center of a mariner's compass or feathered star!
    Wow, what an exceptional presentation when your cake was cut! Very cool!! : )

  5. Amazing cake ... and your circles. And a new grandbaby too, congratulations!

  6. What a great cake! I've never seen anything like it. Your circles look great, too. Quite an undertaking; it will be beautiful!

  7. Oh Kyle - I wish I could have been one of your quilting buddies - I'll bet you had a lovely time together - your polka dot cake turned out wonderfully! Glad to know that the new Quiltmania is out - I'll have to check my Barnes & Nobel for it soon. Enjoy that new grandbaby!

  8. You are quite dotty Kyle - in a nice way! I love that cake!

  9. love the cake! it turned out so cute!

  10. I'm not much of a circle gal, as far as accuracy or love of making them. I'm totally envious of all your fabric circles (which look perfect) and of course those intriguing circles in the 3 layers of cake. I have to google that and find out the secret. I'd love to surprise a relative on a birthday.
    Time spent with my quilting friends is some of my most rewarding and relaxing, and it sounds like you're the same way. I hope we keep hearing from you while you're spending time in Denver. Photos of new grandbabies are always enjoyed.

  11. What an amazing cake!! Have a fabulous time with your new grandchild.

  12. I can't even imagine how you would make such a cake! Have fun with the baby and keep us posted. blessings, marlene