Friday, March 28, 2014

Marching On

With the days of March
marching on forever,
I needed to take advantage of this seemingly
long month.

I was feeling a bit guilty,
 like we all tend to do on occasion,
having my long list of WIP's, so
 I pulled out a quilt top
that was so close to being done.

In July
I had started these nine patches
using two packets of charm squares,
Posy by Aneela Hoey
and Cuzco by Kate Spain.

I had even sewn the blocks together,
alternating with a solid white square.

Why did I stop?

Actually a couple of reasons:
I was moving and needed to stop sewing
and pack things up.
(a completely valid reason)
But the other reason was that
 I needed to find fabric for a border,
And I wasn't in the mood to go look.

Well, I've moved
and can cross that off the list of excuses.
So, what was left?
Go fabric shopping!

This is such a simple pattern and it
really gives the feeling of a vintage quilt.
Only the colored spaces are filled in
with some fun modern fabrics,
moving it forward in time.

These simple designs
come alive once they are quilted.
I plan to embellish with 
some rick rack 
( I love that stuff)
and do a gentle swagged border after
the quilting has been completed.

I'm closer to being finished,
 no more excuses,
or at least not right away!

Until Next Time-


  1. I love your quilt top. It is such a great quilt for spring. I have an antique quilt top that looks very similar. Hugs

  2. Good use of charm squares. You will have room for some pretty quilting designs.

  3. Nothing I love more than a classic 9-patch - and this one is so pretty with your fabric choices. I told you that I'm planning a new baby quilt and I plan on using a bit of rick rack on it too. It's been forEVER since I've done that - do I just sew it down the middle? I'm worried that it'll fold up when it's washed and look messy. Any advice you can share with me?

  4. What a beautiful quilt top, such lovely fresh colours. The border looks great and ric rac is always fun!!

  5. Love this quilt. So fresh and pretty, just love the border fabric, it was worth the wait!

  6. very cute. Nine patch quilts have always been one of my favorite "go to" patterns.
    I'm still working on my king sized 9-patch project.....well actually not working on......