Monday, May 14, 2012

The Progress Project Plan 11-Update

Another month
and another completed project
 from the depths of the sewing room.

Last month my quilting group,
The Quilty Buddies,
worked on project #11.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to
attend the meetings, so I don't know
how everyone else is progressing,
but I continue to move forward at my
usual snail's pace.

April was a good month.
My project was small.
 It was a needlecase
designed by Crabapple Hill.

It was part of a more intricate sewing kit,
but I opted to do just this part.

Those are the kinds of decisions you can make
when you're the boss.

This month the # 2 was drawn.

So looking at my list,
I have an embroidery pattern
designed by Waltzing With Bears.

I bought it as a kit.
I believe the pattern was as a block of the month.
I got a better deal with the kit, pattern and fabric included.

I started this almost a year and half ago.
I had gotten it ready to take on a trip.

So why did I stop working on this.

Several reasons:
1. The trip was over and there were other
more pressing things to do.

2.  I hadn't been real careful marking some of the
designs and I didn't know what to do to cover
it up.

3.  I had cut out the sashing fabrics and had
miscut one of the fabrics. And you know when
you purchase a kit there is no room for error.
So I was bummed and I was going to have
 to find new fabric to replace my goof-up.

4.  I didn't like so much brown in the
stitchery part and wasn't sure what
color to use instead.

I had to put too much thinking into the project and
make some decision and
I didn't want to.
So I put it away.

Now that this project has been brought to
my attention again,
I'm ready to move it forward.

Hopefully, enough time has lapsed
that the rethinking parts will be more viewed as
an opportunity
than a drudgery.

 Keep you posted.
Until Next Time-


  1. The needle case is sweet and dainty looking. Your embroidery project pattern for this month looks adorable. Perhaps another stripe for the border since you miscut. I don't know how you miscut it. If too short, I would just add a piece of fabric to the length. If not wide enough and not a lot not too wide, just go with it. Visually, no one will really know.

  2. Your needle case is darling! And your new project is very cute. And since you have the perfect person to give it to why not get a new fabric that goes with his room???