Friday, May 11, 2012

Beach weddings

We learned a lot about beach weddings this past week. 
Here's my do and don't list. 

 Sanibel Island is known for the wonderful shells you can find along its beaches.
 So everyone is always doing the Sanibel Stoop.
 If you are at a beach doing the stoop 
and you see a wedding in progress, 
please avoid doing the stoop
directly in full view while the ceremony is going on 
or as a backdrop while photos are being taken. 

I'm sure there are plenty of other shells 
you can find along a different section of beach. 

If you must do the Sanibel Stoop, do not wear your too small red bikini 
or for guys, your speedo swim attire. 
It's not very modest. 

Also if you are just walking on the beach while a wedding is going on,
 please walk around.
 I know the wedding might be on a public beach 
so everyone has a right to be there,
 but really, do you have to get that close!?! 
If the bride wanted you there,
 she would have sent out a special invitation. 

 If you are at a beach resort and there is a wedding party going on poolside, 
be respectful of the occasion.
There are probably plenty of pool lounge chairs to choose from 
other than the one right next to the party. 
 Especially, if you are the only one at the pool 
and there are 200 other chairs you can pick and it's 8o'clock at night.

 If you are attending a beach wedding, 
do not roll up your pants and go shelling as soon as the groom kisses the bride, 
even if it's low tide.

 Do not worry about your hair at a beach wedding. 
even if you spray it so it's as hard as a helmet, 
the wind is in control.

 Do wear flip flops or sandals,
 heels just won't work.

 Do keep it small and intimate, 
even though everyone on the beach 
seems to want to attend in some form or other.

 Do take romantic photos at sunset,
most of the shell hunters are gone by then.

 Do have a living ring pillow that wears a bow tie.
  We pinned the wedding rings to Sanford's shirt.

And most of all have fun!
Until Next Time-


  1. great tips! I love the Sanibel Stoop, and I could squeeze that ring pillow!!

  2. I have only come across one wedding at the beach and did follow all your rules. The couple actually got married by the pool at the beach and we were watching from the balcony right above the pool.
    The ring bearer is adorable!

  3. The ring pillow is my favorite part!

  4. Hoo boy - I guess you saw some things you didn't want to? Got my giggle for the day.

  5. I loved your dos and don't list - aren't people unreal?
    The ring bearer is the cutest - great idea.
    I am a Sanibel stooper from way back. I even studied the tables one year and got up before sunrise with a flash light. too funny, you'd think it was gold.