Monday, May 7, 2012

In the Merry Month Of May

 May is such a wonderful month.
It includes multiple trips to the garden nursery
to bring home more and more flowers.

Here in Colorado it has finally warmed up enough for 
me to take the flannel sheets off the bed.

That also means it's time to change the quilts.

To celebrate the addition of flowers to
the gardens here are a couple of quilts from
my collection.
Folk Art Flowers
58" x 70"

These delightful folk art flowers are
from a Buggy Barn pattern from
their book, Perennially Crazy.

I have always enjoyed these designer's
systematic approach to a scrappy quilt.
It's organized randomness.

Teaching their patterns was such fun.
Each quilt was so unique and the students
were always delighted with their results.

This next quilt is a design from Gerry Kimmel-Carr
of Red Wagon.
Summer Garden

This quilt was another one of my projects that was
done while I waited for my girls at cello and violin lessons.
It's amazing what you can accomplish when you
have a few minutes here and there.

It's hand appliqued and machine pieced.
I had planned to quilt it myself but could never figure out what
to do in the long blue columns.
A quilter I used from the Denver area did a nice job filling in the blanks.

Using the complimentary colors of blue and orange was fun.
It made the applique take center stage.

Now I'm heading off to the nursery.
Time to get those other flowers in the ground.

 Until Next Time-


  1. Lovely quilts!!!

    Have great time at the nursery! I went again on Friday....and planted yesterday afternoon. Always so much fun to enjoy the the pretty flowers!

  2. I have only made one of the Buggy Barn crazy patterns. One with houses and trees. Mine turned out pretty wonky. I have admired so many of the designs they have come up with. I like the one with witches. Your flower quilt is a good one to display in May into summer.

    "Summer Garden" is beautiful. Blackbird Designs certainly have a way with creating flower style designs.

  3. Great quilts, I have made both of those quilts and love 'em. I seem to be living at Gulley's this year. My new fabric store.