Friday, May 18, 2012

Just A Little Bit Random

My week has been just a little bit random. 
Small bits of interesting things thrown together. 

I confess I'm part of the Pinterest phenomenon
I'm sure most of you are acquainted with the website.
 It's like creating your own magazine with no ads
 and you get to include only the things you like.

I collect lots of ideas,
 but truthfully don't do too much with my pins.
 Except this 

Elizabeth had a rusted colander. 
It was a great color.
So look what she did. 
 So cute! 

Ever since Sanford was born
 he's loved to bounce. 
His mommy and daddy bounced him a lot 
on a birthing ball when he would get fussy when he was first born.
 Now he loves to be held in a standing position
 and just bounce. Up and down..up and down. 
 He's got very strong legs. 

 But look what he has now!
 The Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer Baby 

He loves it. 
Now he can bounce to his hearts content. 

If fact the first time he used his new bouncy chair, 
he bounced for about 15 minutes and fell fast asleep. 

But now his endurance is up, 
he can do his aerobic bouncing for who knows for how long. 
Actually, we limit his bouncing time.

We have nonpaying boarders at my house. 
We've tried to have them evicted, but with no results.
 I think they are here to to stay for about another month.

A mother raccoon got into our chimney 
and has created quite the nursery for her young family. 

 The animal control people have tried to get her to move her family 
by pouring male raccoon urine down my chimney, twice,
Pouring male coyote urine down my chimney,
Rattling large chains in my chimney,
And Running Man has begun playing loud hard rock music in the fireplace, 
just to annoy her. 

They are located behind the firebox and the outside wall.
So they can't get in, and for now the fireplace 
is taped over with plastic to keep the smells of nature out of the house. 
Oh, what fun. 

 The animal control folks said, she loves it there. 
It's dark and safe 
and except for the rock music, it's quiet.

 She'll stay until she can take the babies out with her.
 Then we'll put a one way door on top of the flue 
and they won't be able to get back in until we fix 
it for good.

Then the family will have to look for lodging else where.
 They're pretty noisy at times, lots of squeaks. 
A mother raccoon can have 3 to 7 babies. 
 I hope I can get a couple of good pictures when they vacate.
It's the least they can do.
Really, the biggest question is not how they got into our fireplace,
but where did the guy get the raccoon and coyote urine!
You just can't hand them a white paper cup and say, "Please".

Until Next Time-


  1. I loved your post! It made me laugh out loud! I'm sorry for you and Ed, but the story made a great start to my Friday!

  2. Oh my my, she is going to tell all her raccoon mommy friends about her new home! Sanford is getting so big. He will be ready to be the 3rd generation on the rocking horse very soon. I need to get you that!

  3. Im so sorry Kyle but the way you wrote your post made me laugh. They love your house and your house is in baby mode as of late, what better hotel. Hope you get them out though before they cause any damage..

  4. You're so funny! and YES, where did he get that male urine from? And what happens when your raccoon family vacates and you light a fire? Are we going to need to vacate the neighborhood? I hope you get pictures!

  5. Oh Kyle, your post made me laugh!
    With the loud music, rattling chains and all that male animal urine at your house, you must be very happy to be playing with an adorable bouncy baby all week. I bet Ed is very envious.
    Good luck with the critters!

    1. Your right Audrey. There was a lot of testosterone in the air! I was glad to be away.

  6. Oh sanford is soo cute! They have the best baby toys now!
    I'm sorry about your racoons, but it's kind of fun I would think. I'm a softy for natural animals. I sure hope you get a photo!
    I too am on pinterest. Its fun, but I really limit my time and energy with it.