Monday, October 25, 2010


Once in a while you have to take an
inventory of what projects you have started
and, for whatever reason, have not finished.

Today I looked around my studio 
and with paper and pencil in hand and counted the
quilting projects that where "Projects in Progress".

I looked in the closet, in the cupboard,
on the shelves, on the floor and 
out in plan sight.
I was pleasantly surprised.
Not as many as I had expected.

Now remember, these are ones that I have started 
to some degree, not just collections
of fabric and patterns.

This process is what we do each January
in Stashbusters, the class at the Fig Leaf.
But on Pat Sloan blog, she presented a good
strategy of what to do once you have a list.

I thought about each project and
separated them into groups of "almost done"
to "barely started".
From there I quickly numbered them in
order of importance or decided if
I really want to finish it.

It was a  challenging thing to do today.
I already had a list, but found
more projects, ones that I had started this year.

Even if you're not a quilter,
the sorting process is a good one.
It gives you a good picture of where you are
and what you want to accomplish.
Give it a try.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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