Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Laugh Together

Most nights when I get home from work
it is so easy and comfortable to 
just sit and unwind.

Last night I could have easily done that. 
It's been a long week already and it was
only Tuesday.

But instead I kept moving and 
I'm always glad when I do.
The Quilting Buddies got together
 and enjoyed our traditional fall meal,
Cathy's wonderful chili, 
Norma's two delicious desserts,
did some sewing 
and laughed and laughed.

We were missing three of our friends, but here we are.

We have met together for almost 20 years + 
Where else can you learn about 
quilting ideas
Cathy's daughter, Sara's quilt
Sara came to visit to see what we were all about.

oo and ha over Norma lovely embroidery

talk about food,
jaunting for junk,
good deals,
gripe about things,
aches and pains,
things I shouldn't write about here!
Becky knows but she's not telling either.

Thanks Quilting Buddies
for always making
our time together special.
It's good for my heart.
Until Next Time-Kyle