Friday, October 22, 2010

Is the Doctor In?

When my son-in-law, Don was growing up,
each summer he enjoyed "Greek Camp".
When he was too old to go as a camper,
he had been trained as an EMT, so he
went as the camp's medical person.
He was known as Doctor Don.

Well, yesterday it became official.
He presented his dissertation with a
seminar and a defense with his graduate committee.

He now is Dr. Don!
Elizabeth and Don
Now there are 2 doctors in the house.

Don and his parents who came from Michigan for the big event.

Then it was time to party with friends, family and colleagues.

Great job, Don.
I have to admit I didn't understand the topic, but his 
presentation was great.  
Don can create molecular animations
on the computer to show
people like me what he's talking about.
I may still not understand, but the animation is great.

The best part is that he has his 
postdoc all set up and he's ready to
go to work, ie a real job, on Monday.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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