Monday, October 18, 2010

Rock and Roll Weekend

It's all about team work.
When faced with daunting tasks,
call in the full team.

Elizabeth and Don, being new home owners,
called in the fam for more working hands 
in order to get the fall yard work done.
A load of compost added to the garden

I dug holes for spring bulbs.

 Someday I am going to live in a place for the dirt is
loose and fluffy. Not pure clay
and rocks.

Jessica and Martin winterized the lawn 
and made lunch.
Martin taking a break.

Mac, the kitty, supervised, showed off by climbing 
the tree to the highest branches, and helped me 
with the hole digging.

Where was Don in all of this team work?
Inside, poor guy, getting ready for his
doctoral defense on Thursday!

The weekend was complete when 
Elizabeth and Ed ran in the Rock and Roll
Race around Denver.
 They completed the half marathon run.

As you can see it's all about families
working together. 
It made for a rock and roll weekend.
Until Next Time- Kyle


  1. The family that winterizes together....gets a lot done! Elizabeth will enjoy the tulips next Spring.

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