Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We all loved Halloween,
especially, when the girls were little.

 Everyone would begin thinking about their
next year's costume, November 1st.

I loved sewing and making everyone's costumes.
And the girls loved wearing them all year long
for dress up and make believe.
It was perfect.

Invariably, the weather would be Indian Summer,
sometimes right up to the afternoon of Halloween, 
and then could turn into a raging blizzard.

It was always so disheartening to have cover up
our wonderful creations
with a coat, hat, mittens, and boots.

Note the wonderful sunny day.
Did it last?
Probably not!
Elizabeth, 1990, Cleopatra

Jessica, Snow White

Kate, A Southern Belle
Until Next Time-Kyle


  1. I just love looking at pictures of my children when they were young, what a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing Kyle